i2CAT 's island (v0.8.1)

Terms & Conditions

Preliminary information
Information processing and archiving

  1. Some basic personal information is needed to provide resources for any experiment. We use a minimal set of data, taken from your Fed4FIRE account. See the Data Protection notice for exact details.
  2. The experimenter's information described above is used during the lifetime of the experiment in order to authorise the experimenter(s) to use the requested resources and to internally provide the service (e.g., internally mapping resources to the Fed4FIRE's user ID).
  3. Almost all information (both the experimenter's personal data and the resources requested) is discarded in an irrecoverable way upon the expiration of the containing experiment.
    • The only exception to the above is the Terms & Conditions page (the one you are on right now), where your user URN is extracted from the Fed4FIRE+ X509 certificate to record your consent, present you with your latest decision on your next visit and request it in 6 months from your last decision.
  4. Backups should be manually performed by the experimenter(s) or requested to the OFELIA i2CAT testbed before the expiration of the experiment.
  5. No archiving process takes place inside of the OFELIA i2CAT testbed.


  1. The OFELIA i2CAT testbed provides perimetral security to ensure authorised access to the resources from the experiments.
  2. Access to the experimenter's data and resources is limited to the experimenter(s) and the technical operator in charge of supporting the experiment.
  3. The data generated within the resources or derived from their usage is only modified by the experimenter(s).
  4. Information from the experimenters, their resources or the data and activities performed inside or through them is not shared, copied or moved outside the OFELIA i2CAT testbed.
  5. Points 3 and 4 can be also affected (i.e., modified or copied in any way) upon explicit request by the Principal Investigator of the experiment. In such case, the allowed technical operator in charge of supporting the experiment and/or the network team (in charge of the network configuration or the backup of computing resources) may perform such task.
  6. In case of the detection of a breach in the OFELIA i2CAT testbed, the DPO and the affected parties shall be promptly noticed. Remediation actions shall be put in place immediately.

Usage of the infrastructure

  1. The experimenter shall not perform any unlawful activity through the use of the OFELIA i2CAT testbed.
  2. The experimenter shall not process any personal data in the OFELIA i2CAT testbed.


  1. The experimenter may not receive communications from the OFELIA i2CAT testbed.
  2. The experimenter may receive communications from Fed4FIRE regarding, at least, the management of its experiment (i.e., an approaching expiration).